Who is Ground Lock Security?.

We deal with all of your security, access and safety (SAS) concerns. Residential, commercial, industrial. And we do this with a strong emphasis on using professional graded equipment with a clear understanding of what a property needs to be made safer, more secure, more accessible to authorised people and highlight deterrents to the people that shouldn’t be there.

But not everyone needs our SAS insights. So we deal with everything from snapped or lost keys, to lost alarm codes to faulty products and full system servicing and repairs. Along with full system installations and integrations.

We have a customer base in all areas (everyone has locks and keys) including homes, schools,  businesses, letting agents and landlords, community and church properties, communal and park areas, holiday homes and health clubs and so on.

We cover almost all of the North East and offer a 24/7 call out service. We have competitive rates and are always fair to the customer on pricing. When it comes to installations however we don’t like to use cheap, inferior products. Nothing from the DIY stores or gimmicks from the internet. Only industry approved, time tested products that if looked after, will serve you and your property well. We take pride in our work and offer an after sales service where relevant.

Gaining entry to properties (as a locksmith I should add) was where we started. With that in the background we know how to get in to a property the easiest way with the least amount of damage, if any at all.. So who else to protect your property than us?

Where possible we prefer to use ‘Sold Secure’ ‘British Standard’ and Insurance and Police Approved applications. For alarms and CCTV we use CSL DualCom devices to communicate alerts to the ARC. These devices often bare a logo such as the following…


Be sure to look at our social media pages for current events, offers, examples and displays and see how we make you safer and more secure.