Access Control

Does exactly as it says. Access control is the ability to allow or refuse entry to a guest or visitor, or staff.

Also known as a Door Entry System, and often can be integrated with an Intercom System. Access Control is the operation of the lock (or the remaining locked) side of door entry.

A door entry system is like having a manned guard at the entrance of a building, 24/7 365. It checks out the visitor has a legitimate means of entry in terms of a code, fob or swipe card and then permits (or refuses) entry. The system may also have an audio, or video audio intercom system and as such visitors can call the occupant to request access.

There are a number of variations on this with guests being able to call the home owner or business staff mobile wherever they are from the front door, and they can in turn, from anywhere in the world, permit or refuse entry. There are even dedicated Apps and computer programs which are designed specifically for the devices or to integrate with other systems.

The system can be a 1 apartment flat with one occupant, or a multi-door configuration with multiple answer stations. The system could also be monitored by a computer to log who comes in, what time and on what day allowing you to check on staff coming and going, or doing a fire alarm drill and seeing who is on site at any given time.

There are careful considerations to be made in planning, design and implementation of Access Control as we need to be sure that in an emergency people are not locked in, nor find it difficult to exit the building.

There is a host of ways to have the door lock including regular night latches, deadbolts, maglocks (strong electric magnets) and so on. And with our Locksmith skills we always know the best solution to how your doors can lock and unlock using the most feasible, safe and secure type of lock.

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