Alarms can be hardwired, wireless or a hybrid system can be created to achieve a partially hard wired system with extra wireless devices attached.

Wireless systems are becoming very popular as they don’t need a host of cables installing meaning a much quicker and neater install with no patching up of the décor once installation is complete. It is also easier to add (or remove) devices at a later date should the property layout change. We do not however recommend using cheap, DIY grade systems which are known to cause false or nuisance alarms, or worse… not trigger an alarm at all. We only use professional graded systems that we have been using for years without issue.

Hard wired alarms are still going strong as a lot of properties already have them installed and new systems can often utilise the existing cabling. If however a cable becomes damaged at a later date it could mean that the cable has to be replaced causing some disruption, or the detector has to be removed from the system. If the alarm is capable of becoming hybrid, then wireless devices could be used instead. It is certainly worthwhile having a hybrid capable system installed even if you don’t need wireless devices at the time of install.

Intruder Alarms can be ‘Bells only’ where if the alarm is triggered the sirens ring out for a given time and that’s it. Or they can be monitored with a speech dialler which calls you and several other chosen numbers in the event of alarm or fault, they can send text messages to notify you of events too. But more recently Apps have been developed which allow you to control the system using your smart phone or tablet. This allows you to arm, disarm, receive alerts, notify you of which user has operated the system, and to monitor live any motion or doors opening within the property.

They can also be connected to a 24/7 call centre (ARC) which can relay the data to you or the emergency contact as needed, along with a number of key holders. We use for this CSL DualCom and you will have seen the popular logo on secured premises.

Gone are the days when an alarm just rings and rings and no one responds.