Everyone knows what CCTV is these days. Its everywhere.

But Technology has changed the industry drastically in the last few years. Some systems just aren’t up to scratch, and some people seem to think just having a clear picture on a monitor makes it a good system.

With image resolution of 720p (1.3megapixel), 1080p or 2.4 mp, and 4 or 5mp and up to 4k 8.3mp Ultra HD. The images are great on all systems but the difference becomes obvious when details are needed to be picked out by zooming in. This is really important when it comes to identifying a person or vehicle or an object.

We Install all kinds and specs of CCTV from AHD, to HD to Ultra HD. From HDCVI to IP Systems which are fully networked, monitored 24/7 or simply stand-alone.

Its so easy to think along the lines of wanting to ‘keep an eye’ on something but actually, CCTV is there to do more than that. We need to see what happens, when, by who, what time, what they were wearing, identifying them apart from similar looking people or clothing etc.

And with professional CCTV you have smart analytics which can do more than just ‘see’ an area. It can notify you of motion detection, face recognition, trip wire, region of interest, abandoned or stolen objects and so much more.

All of our systems are designed to ‘see in the dark’ where appropriate. They can also record 24/7 and almost every system can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet or pc. We can even have your system monitored at the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) 24/7 for fast reaction to events going on in real time.

We don’t install DIY kits as we find them unreliable and don’t last long. They are DIY grade and belong in that sector. A professional system should be seen as an investment into safety and security of your property and all the people around it, over a long term. Every property is different, and so should every CCTV system. DIY kits with identical sets of cameras just doesn’t make sense to us.