Intercoms have been around a long time. Most common in blocks of flats and offices with multiple stories they allow guests to request access to the occupant or announce their arrival. Once coupled with a door entry system it becomes Access Control.

Intercoms had quite a change when video intercoms became more affordable and we now see intercom systems on all kinds of premises. Flats, apartments and offices, bungalows and gate stations, rear entrance or goods delivery bays etc. all have seen a rise in intercoms as they save time, and allow the occupant the safety of not opening a door or allowing them to remain in the comfort of their armchair whilst talking to and seeing the visitor.

The introduction of IP systems has again brought some amazing new changes with doorbells that call your mobile phone via an App using the internal broadband or sim card to ‘call out’. We also do networked systems so doors can be monitored from a remote location, i.e. a factory in one part of the region may have the goods delivery door monitored and controlled by staff at another part of the region – imagine how much easier and cost productive that is! Carers for the elderly and infirm can be checked of when they arrive and leave. Older kids coming home from school no longer need to carry house keys.The list goes on.

Imagine you get a lot of deliveries but aren’t always there to receive the parcel… the delivery guy rings the doorbell, you answer from your smart phone, see who it is, give them instruction to leave the parcel, and you can even save images and videos from the devices.

But as these systems become networked we are starting to see the integration of the Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Smart Locks, Mobile phones, tablets and laptops and everything is now working together to make properties and its occupiers safer and much more secure.